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About Me

If you are passionate & determined to achieve something the whole universe will conspire with you to make it true.


Tech Expert

Hey, My name is Sheeri Uruba and i am entrepreneur, WordPress Developer and Digital Marketer, Trainer and  CEO at Tutors Gateway.

I am passionate about creating tech based solutions for my clients in order for them to succeed in their businesses. 

Creating website and market them is my passion it gives me satisfaction of providing solution to companies. 

Want your business to scale up or want to train on tech skills I'm here to help!
Useful Marketing

I Believe Passionately That In Order To Scale Your Business Going Online Is The Best Solution For Growth

Technology is one of the creation of mankind that helps in growth. Nowadays millions of companies whether small or big are creating their online presence via websites and social media presence. Due to these their growth level is far more greater as compared to traditional businesses.

Creative in All Aspects

Creativity is one of the essence of creating successful solutions using technological advancements. I’m working for companies to provide those solutions with them. To create a better society where everything is within reach.



WordPress Websites are best and reasonable way for any small business to start their online presenc. WordPress has been used by many big joints to create their website on this content management system.


How Does It Work

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